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Food Justice & Heavenly Groceries

St. Joseph CME Church has hosted an incredible food pantry program for over 10 years. The Jackson Center helps support this ministry by recruiting and training volunteers for weekly shifts.

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Workshops and Tours

The Jackson Center offers interactive civil rights, local and oral history workshops, and history tours for k-12 students. Volunteers help with workshops, keep kids engaged while neighbors share, and learn Northside's history through sharing it with student visitors.

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Oral History Archive

The Jackson Center has over 100 recorded oral histories with community residents. Our challenge however is to make these interviews accessible both online and in physical form. In order to do those, we need to have each interview processed, include a Tape Log of key moments, and an abstract. By participating in this process, hear the stories that guide our work.

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Northside News

Our beloved monthly newsletter, Northside News, is our main tool for community organizing. Each issue includes a column from one of our community residents, local news, announcements, and excerpts of local history. Volunteers assist in passing out the newsletter, knocking on doors and engaging residents, and soliciting feedback and promote community input in newsletter.

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