Land Preservation

The Jackson Center currently utilizes two primary tools to assist with land preservation in our historic neighborhoods.

  1. Preservation Toolkit:  the Northside Compass Group, our neighborhood steering group of 15 residents, developed the idea of an educational tool that would share legal and financial tools to assist neighbors in the future planning of their homes based on complex scenarios that neighbors face in a college town market.  This tool is designed specifically to detail:
    1. Tools to help determine the value of neighborhood homes
    2. Tools that help neighbors stay in their homes
    3. Tools that assist with the transition of homes according to the owner’s hopes for the homes
  2. Free wills drafting and legal clinics:  one of the primary ways in which homes are lost in our communities in when there is no clear designation for the homes.  We have partnered with UNC’s Black Law Student Association, the UNC Center for Civil Rights, and LegalAid to provide annual wills drafting clinics free of cost to qualifying residents.

Sign up here if you are interested in these programs or contact us directly to set up a preservation toolkit workshop.