Community Action

The Jackson Center is a hub for organizing and creative community development. The histories and legacies of our communities continue to drive and our actions today.

  •  Food Justice: The Jackson Center assists in supporting and managing volunteers for St. Joseph’s “Heavenly Groceries/Comida Celestial,” a food bank that provides groceries for over 3,000 families each month; developing recipe books, food documentaries, nutritional forums, cooking days, and more.
  • Coalition Building and Community Development: The Jackson Center helped initiate the Sustaining OurSelves Coalition, which includes partner organizations, area churches, neighborhood residents, and the local NAACP.  With this coalition, we have held forums with hundreds in attendance, pursued policy changes for area development, distributed relevant information, worked to improve university-community relations, and initiated a community plan.
  • Community Map-Making: One of our newest initiatives had involved extensive data collection and map-making ranging from traditional GIS maps on home-ownership to collaborative oral history maps showing changes over time.