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Episode 6.3 Shattering Silent Stigmas of Mental Health 3/6/2016

This month, we put together an AMAZING show on mental disabilities, resources, and the need for awareness and options for care in our state. Dr. Timothy Miles and Agyei Ekundayo gave a wonderful and insightful interview about their experiences and work in the field. Check it out below!

      1. March Show


Meryam’s Audio Piece on Mental Disability:

      2. interview about mental illness

Episode 6.2 In the Eye of the Storm: Global Revolutions 2/7/2016

This month, our FYR students wow’ed listeners with some epic audio pieces! Check them out below!

Baxter’s Audio Pieces on the Experiences of Refugee in North Carolina: 

      3. Baxter's Audio Piece on Refugees in North Carolina

Meryam’s Interview about Refugees Entering Turkey: 

      4. Interview from Turkey


And, if you want more, check out the complete show below!

Part one: 

      5. 12/06/2015: 1700-1730

Part two: 

      6. 02/07/2016: 1730-1800

Part three: 

      7. 02/07/2016: 1800-1830


Episode 6.1 Sink or Swim in the Sea of Modern Media! 12/6/2015

The last show of 2015 explored the topic of social media. The students engaged in discussions about the ways that social media has transformed activist work- focusing specifically on social media movements like Black Lives Matter, and hashtag campaigns like #bringbackourgirls. Our reporters also created audio pieces about gendered harassment on social media, the ways that our generation utilizes social media, and other topics. Check out the full episode here!

part one: 

      8. 12/06/2015: 1700-1730

part two: 

      9. 12/06/2015: 1730-1800

part three: 

      10. 12/06/2015: 1800-1830


Check out some of the work our students produced through our Summer Audio Immersion Program! 

Youth from Fusion Youth Radio and the Beat-Making Lab attended The Allied Media Conference and the Groundswell Oral History Conference this summer in Detroit. Check out some of their work below:

Kalil’s Reflection: 

      11. AI-2015 pt. 3 Kalil

Coleman’s Reflection: 

      12. coleman-AI

Alice’s Piece: 

      13. Through the Eyes of Muslims: About Hijab, Judgement and Stereotypes

Vincent’s Reflection: 

      14. Vincents Story AI2015



Tune in to the next episode on February 7th at 5 pm on 89.3 FM and wxyc.org.

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FYR Web 1Fusion Youth Radio (FYR) features young people making their voices a part of history through creative, youth-produced media. FYR is rooted in the idea that all of us deserve opportunities to tell our stories in our own words. We believe that young people must work together to take on active roles in shaping the futures of our communities. Our name honors the legacy of the Fusion politics movement of North Carolina in the 1890s, a bi-racial coalition that gained power across the state before coming to a violent end at the hands of white supremacists in 1898. We seek to bring together youth with many backgrounds to create the sort of community that not even the “Fusionists” imagined.

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FYR Workshops
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WUNC Summer Youth Radio Institute

Jackson Center staff members and FYR students helped create the first-ever WUNC Summer Youth Radio Institute in 2012. Under the guidance of two mentors, both from Fusion Youth Radio, youth reporters produced stories that aired on Morning Edition in North Carolina. Check out the short video below to go behind the scenes of the program, and be sure to listen to all the youth-produced stories.

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