Documentary Initiatives

Through our documentary initiatives we invite you to enjoy tangible forms of history-in-the making: a CD collection that sends “joyful noise” well beyond the walls of St. Joseph, photographs that document and advance the vital relationships that make up neighborhood, an anthology of recipes and stories that invite readers into a living tradition of old and new local foodways. These are just some of the fruits of collaboration and creativity we’d like to share with you.

Histories of HomeFeatured Project -
Histories of Home: A Walk with
Northside Neighbors

Histories of Home is an invitation to listen to everyday history-makers. Featuring the voices of over a dozen community members and narrated by Northside natives, this audio tour is an introduction to some of the stories, struggles, and aspirations of our community. This feature-length documentary, produced by Alexander Stephens, is designed to be listened to while walking through the Northside neighborhood. We hope you’ll come see the places where the stories unfold. You can download the audio tour below for use with your mp3 player. Or you can come to the Jackson Center to check out a CD and portable player. We’ll also provide you with a map of the route.

Histories of Home

Histories of Home CDs with full-color track listings and map inserts are available at the Jackson Center for a suggested donation of $10.

More Projects -
We are hard at work on a new documentary project! A Place at the Table is a foodbook that documents community history through its diverse and ever-evolving foodways. This documentary book will feature recipes and stories, using food as a lens for exploring the history of our communities.

To see additional documentary initiatives from the Jackson Center, including our first cookbook, go to our page for MCJ Productions.