2017 Northside Student Leadership Group

The Marian C. Jackson Center for Saving and Making History, is looking for students of all years for our Northside Student Leadership Group, a Jackson Center Service Partner Opportunity.

Bi-weekly volunteer commitment: 12-15 positions.

Applications will be accepted until Jan 6, 2017 at 5pm!

The Student Leadership Group is a collection of community minded student residents and service partners who strive to contribute to Beloved Community year to year in the historic Northside and Pine Knolls neighborhoods. This historically African American community, established not long after the Civil War, has had a dedicated collection of residents of all ages fighting for it’s future in the midst of Jim Crow segregation, Urban Renewal, and current challenges in the neighborhoods changing housing market. Over the past thirty-plus years Northside and Pine Knolls have seen an increase in investment properties that have led to student renters comprising approximately half of the neighborhood today. The Student Leadership group’s mission, in partnership with Northside neighbors, is to cultivate deeper connection between students and long term residents.

The group will be the leadership team for :

  • Mobilizing student neighbors and partners in advocating for Northside at Town Council and various municipal planning meetings around current housing development in the neighborhood and along Rosemary St.
  • Creating spaces for intergenerational dialogue around experiences and perspectives as UNC students living in Northside.
  • Expanding student leadership in planning and participation in Northside connective events/gatherings, as follow up to the Good Neighbor Initiative.
  • Sharing the history, challenges, and current pressures that historically and currently affect Northside to other students through peer to peer education.
  • Wrestle with how their own day-to-to actions can and do influence the sustainability of this community.

Interested applicants must complete the “Jackson Center Student Leadership Group Application” here.  Group interviews will be scheduled the week after the Jan 6 application deadline. For more information about the Jackson Center please visit our website www.jacksoncenter.info or give us a call at 919-960-1670

Email George Barrett at george@jacksoncenter.info for any questions. Thank you for your interest!

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