Mission & Vision

Our vision is Beloved Community. We see a world of creative reconciliation, hard-won rights, and abiding love and respect of which we may be a means.

Our mission is to honor, renew, and build community in the historic Northside and Pine Knolls  neighborhoods of  Chapel Hill, NC.

 We aim to do justice by the legacies of vision, value, action, and example we hold in the Jackson Center Oral History Trust.


Our goal is

             to engage

                        the wisdom of youth voices

                        the power of civil rights history

                        the struggles and strengths of generations of long-term residents

                        the insight of all who work, live, play, serve, and worship in                                                      Northside neighborhoods

                        and partnership across multiple lines of difference

            to make community-driven change.


Northside Memory Project


The Jackson Center’s online oral history archive will go live soon! Check back here to listen to our oral histories when they are uploaded. The Jackson Center’s Oral History Trust contains over 150 oral histories and hundreds of additional recordings. This website will include the first two dozen that have been fully processed, along with glimpses of our exhibition series. Mrs. Jackson’s motto is “without the past, you have no future.” Oral history is at the center of the Jackson Center’s organizing model. Oral history teaches us values, visions, struggles, and victories of every day history-makers, and it has continued to ground our work in listening and to inspire all of us to build a more just community together.

Northside Neighborhood Initiative


Monday, March 9, 2015, was a historic day in Chapel Hill and the region.  The Chancellor Folt of the University of North Carolina and the Mayor of Chapel Hill announced a major and innovative step forward in supporting the ongoing vision of multi-generational, affordable, diverse community in Northside:  a $3 million 0% interest loan to be held by our Self-Help Credit Union partners in Durham and administered in collaboration with the Jackson Center, community partners, and neighbors.

This announcement follows three years of intensive community-first planning led by Northside resident leaders, and the involvement of over 35 resource partner organizations, including all of our local housing non-profits. The funds will support our top strategy in neighborhood restoration and renewal: acquisition of properties for sale or “at risk” in order to create opportunities for new homeowners and tenants who want to become part of Northside community. Generally known as “landbanking,” this strategy is critical to getting a leg up on change in Northside—and making the kind of change that honors the legacy of the families who have lived here for generations and the community leaders who have set such a generous and challenging example for all of us.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the Northside Neighborhood Initiative.

You can also contact us or visit our web-page “housing justice” to learn more about this exciting initiative.